Operated on a not-for-profit basis by the Ottawa Valley Seed Growers Association, the Ottawa Valley Farm Show is allocated a limited annual advertizing budget.  With that in mind, the organization appreciates receiving an advertizing rate reserved for not-for-profit activities.

As determined by General Manager Tom Van Dusen in consultation with the board of directors, advertizing priority is given to Central and Eastern Ontario agricultural publications, English and French, which provide news coverage leading up to, during, and following the show. Community newspapers in Ontario, West Quebec and Northern New York State, English or French, with an agricultural supplement or section providing show coverage are also favoured.

Part of the budget is reserved for community and commercial radio stations with a regional rural following in the Farm Show's main focus area, English or French, which provide interviews and coverage leading up to the show. And a portion of the budget is reserved for regional TV outlets.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, periodicals and programs with limited audience in the focus area, and which do not provide coverage of the show, will not receive Farm Show advertizing.

Here's a sample of what OVFS management considers to be an excellent display ad. Feel free with permission of originator to take ideas from it." (Designed by Eastern Ontario AgriNews).

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